CWA LakeStreet Realty Listings
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        1. R E A L  E S T A T E
          5 Lake Street - Lincoln, Maine 04457 - (207) 794-2460 - (800) 675-2460 - Fax (207) 794-8539

          The broker hereby discloses that he/she is acting solely as the agent for the seller, in marketing, Negotiating and sale of this property unless a separate buyer agency contract is entered into.


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          Waterfront Camps/Houses

          Please select a property below - Last Updated: 8/25/2020 4:12:30 PM
          Picture Type Address Price
          WATERFRONT LOTS Lower Sysladobsis, Horseshoe Cove Road, Lakeville $70,000.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Long Pond, Trails End Road, Lincoln $54,900.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Cathance Lake,Lot 9 Birch Point Rd, Cooper $79,000.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Medunkkeunk Stream, Lot 8-31 Keene Rd, Chester $18,900.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Stump Pond, Stump Pond Way, Lincoln $99,000.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Folsom/Mattanawcook Lake, Wheeler Rd, Lincoln $69,000.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Penobscot River, off Loop Road, Chester $22,500.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Penobscot River, Rte. 2, Winn $23,500.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Long Pond, Lot C of Boulder Lane Shores, Lincoln $55,000.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Egg Pond (Lot L9), Lincoln $54,900.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Egg Pond (Lot L4), Lincoln $49,000.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Long Pond (Lot L11), Lincoln $59,900.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Stump Pond, Town Farm Road, Lincoln $29,900.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Loop Road, Chester $23,900.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Penobscot River, Route 116, Mattamiscontis TWP $29,900.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Penobscot River, North Chester Road, Chester $29,900.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Mattawamkeag River, River Rd, Winn $32,000.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Cathance Lake, Lot 5 Birch Point Road, Cooper $79,000.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Lowell Lake, Stevens Rd, Carroll Plt $45,000.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Egg Pond Drive, Lincoln $45,900.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Duck Lake, Loon Lane, Lakeville $55,000.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Bill Green Pond (Lot 4), T3 R1, NBpp $21,500.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Madagascal Pond, East Madagascal Lake Road, Burlington $69,000.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Mattaseunk Lake, East Shore Road, Lot A, Molunkus TWP $54,900.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Mattaseunk Lake, East Shore Road, Lot B, Molunkus TWP $49,000.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Penobscot River, Lot 6N, Route 116, Mattamiscontis $21,900.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Bill Green Pond (Lot #7), T3 R1 NBpp $21,500.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS 327 White Point Estate Rd, Lincoln $70,000.00
          WATERFRONT LOTS Cathance Lake, Lot 2 Birch Point Road, Cooper $89,000.00
          WATERFRONT CAMPS/HOUSES 33 Rapapla Drive, Lakeville $269,000.00
          WATERFRONT CAMPS/HOUSES Cold Stream Pond, 9 Chipmunk Lane, Lincoln $289,000.00
          WATERFRONT CAMPS/HOUSES 818 Bonney Brook Road, Grand Lake Stream $419,000.00
          WATERFRONT CAMPS/HOUSES 21 Edgewater Court, Grand Falls $79,000.00
          WATERFRONT CAMPS/HOUSES Molonkus Stream,72 Smith Road, Macwahoc PLT $79,000.00
          WATERFRONT CAMPS/HOUSES Junior Lake, Rapala Drive, Pukakon T5 R11 $345,000.00
          WATERFRONT CAMPS/HOUSES Silver Lake, 83 Smart Estates, Lee $139,000.00
          LAND Route# 116, Howland $24,000.00
          LAND Skunk Hill Rd (Lot 1), Lee $18,900.00
          LAND 294 Winn Road, Lee $25,000.00
          LAND Curtis Farm Rd, Lincoln $39,650.00
          LAND Stanhope Mill Rd, Lincoln $27,500.00
          LAND Transalpine Road, Lincoln $37,800.00
          LAND Independence Circle, Prentiss TWP $20,000.00
          LAND Upper Pug Road, Lakeville $29,000.00
          LAND Transalpine Rd & Folsom Pond Rd, Lincoln $19,900.00
          LAND Center Pond Drive, Lincoln $13,900.00
          LAND Long Point Rd, Lakeville $16,500.00
          LAND Sylvan Way (Lot 9), T3 R1, NBpp $9,500.00
          LAND Sylvan Way (Lot 14), T3 R1, NBpp $9,500.00
          LAND Shin Pond Road, Patten $29,000.00
          LAND Lot 10 Sylvan Way, T3 R1 NBPP $11,900.00
          LAND Brown Road, Lot 4, Oakfield $19,900.00
          LAND Old Steamboat Rd, Lee $14,900.00
          LAND Route 6, Springfield $8,900.00
          LAND Rainy Road, Prentiss $46,000.00
          LAND Freedom Way, Lot 107, Prentiss TWP $40,000.00
          LAND 383 Bagley Mountain Road, Lincoln $29,500.00
          LAND Hobbs Road, Lakeville $13,900.00
          LAND Off Lombard Lake Road, Lakeville $15,000.00
          LAND Skunk Hill Rd, Lee $189,000.00
          LAND Route 116, Howland $19,500.00
          HOUSES 2881 Lee Road, Lee $189,000.00
          HOUSES 5 Buckley Avenue, Lincoln $199,900.00
          HOUSES 77-79 Enfield Rd, Lincoln $165,000.00
          HOUSES 1503 Long Ridge Road, Burlington $58,500.00
          HOUSES 4 Dill Drive, Lincoln $49,000.00
          HOUSES 4 William Street, Lincoln $114,999.00
          HOUSES 68 Enfield Road, Lincoln $70,000.00
          HOUSES 22 Hale Street, Lincoln $119,650.00
          HOUSES 652 Half Township Road, Lincoln $249,900.00
          COMMERCIAL 70 Shin Pond Rd, Patten $89,000.00
          COMMERCIAL West Broadway & Park Ave, Lincoln $300,000.00
          CAMPS W. Madagascal Pond Rd, Burlington $49,900.00
          CAMPS 5 Moores Road, Burlington $49,000.00
          CAMPS 1181 Averill Road, Prentiss $129,000.00
          CAMPS Lord Brook Road, Grand Falls TWP $79,000.00
          CAMPS 3 Sarah Lane, Lee $69,000.00
          CAMPS True Road, Springfield $89,000.00

           If you require instant assistance please call us at (800) 675-2460.